Audi Premieres the 500 HP e-tron S

Much like its internal combustion cars, Audi is interested in making its electric models sportier. And its first EV, the e-tron is getting the S treatment.

The Audi 500 HP e-tron makes up to 496 hp and 718 lb-ft of torque for up to 8 seconds in Boost Mode – enough time to reach the electronically limited top speed of 131 mph.

Boost Mode Activated

In non Boost Mode, there is 405 hp and 596 lb-ft of torque to lug you around, which is as many horses as the Boost Mode on the standard e-tron and 100 lb-ft of torque more.

The extra power comes from an extra motor between the rear wheels. That’s the e-tron’s third motor, for those counting at home, and it allows Audi to do some torque vectoring, which ought to help you round corners.

Power Efficiency

To save power, the e-tron is RWD during regular driving, only activating the motor in the front when grip runs low or power is required. Audi has not yet specified how much range the e-tron S will have, but it does have the same battery capacity as the standard e-tron.

Adaptive Suspension

Adaptive air suspension is standard and can alter the height of the car by as much as 3 inches. As with the S’s we’ve grown accustomed to, Audi won’t make the S wildly different from the standard model in terms of appearance. There will be a new front bumper, larger inlets (for some reason), as well as a diffuser. The fenders will also be about an inch wider than the standard e-tron’s.

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