Design for a new era.

The new Audi A8 L is pioneering in style and keeps its promise the Audi prologue has given as a design study. The front with its wide, upright single-frame grille and its optional HD Matrix LED headlights with Audi laser lights bear witness to the progressive elegance of a new era.

The powerfully exposed wheelhouses highlight its sportiness and, at the same time, create that unmistakable reminiscence of the “Urquattro”. And for the perfect finish: the slim, three-dimensionally formed Audi Matrix OLED taillights, which provide dynamic excitement together with its slightly inclined rear.

Everything at a glance.

Thanks to its luminosity and energy efficiency, LED technology is without a doubt on the leading edge of engineering services. Now it has been surpassed. And by a considerable degree: The HD Matrix LED headlights with Audi laser light, optionally for the A8 L, achieve 10 times the luminous intensity. Their bundled rays cast a piece of day into the night.

The range of visibility is doubled with these laser spotlights in comparison to conventional technology. But it’s not just a matter of seeing better: A camera system in the front panel detects light sources in the oncoming traffic and enables this area to be automatically dimmed. This means that oncoming vehicles will not be exposed to glare.

Dynamic to the end.

The Audi Matrix OLED rear light in 3D design allows for a special lighting design for the new Audi A8 L, which leaves its distinctive mark. The OLED technology enables a homogeneous representation of geometrical shapes, which are infinitely dimmable. The new Audi A8 L is unmistakable in the dark thanks to its LED luminaire in combination with rear lights in OLED technology, also highlighting opening and closing vehicle. It isn’t just the design that is impressive – so are the gains for safety due to better visibility.

Your personal space.

The A8 L gives you much more freedom in terms of space and design. The range of interior options is freely combinable, and the exterior will shine with newly developed, deeply reflective colours such as earth grey, Vesuvius grey, and Seville red.

Get there better with greater safety.

You can act with the utmost calm in the Audi A8 L. You have a unique abundance of networked systems at your fingertips. This intelligent network of sensors and algorithms supports you, if desired, from the motorway to the car park in almost any driving situation, and makes the ride even more comfortable, more in your command, and safer.

The up to 41 assistance systems recognise and evaluate the current environment during the journey, provide you with additional information as required, and take action in stages if it becomes critical. With this comprehensive equipment set, a decisive step on the way to autonomous driving has been a success.

A leader with history.

Prestige and dynamism – a testament to the fine design elements of the new A8 L. Despite its newly-designed exterior, it is also a tribute to the legendary Ur-quattro, not least because of its powerful wheel arches.

Features & Design

A heavy weight with a lightweight construction.

Like its predecessor, the new Audi A8 L stands for innovative lightweight construction technology. The multi-material space-frame design means its body weighs less on the scales. At the same time, rigidity is increased by one third.

The new steering mode.

Each speed entails different steering requirements: while in the lower range it is about manageability, later, apart from agility, it is mainly about stability. From a technical point of view there is also a contrast which has often led to concessions, meaning that it is always one aspect of steering or response behaviour that has become the focus.

The dynamic four-wheel steering now decisively resolves this eternal compromise. It combines dynamic steering on the front and rear axle with a central control unit. Their algorithm translates the steering movement into respectively optimal wheel angles as a function of the current speed.

Elegance in a new light.

Thanks to the multi-coloured contours / ambience light package, the interior is staged with precise fibre optics. The interior design is highlighted and further enhanced in its quality.

Spaciousness with the finest detail.

Whether it is a short or long-distance trip, you can always rely on the Audi A8 L to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed. This is ensured by a wide range of features, which fulfil even the most exacting requirements with their special operating comfort – before, during and after the trip. The Audi A8L extends the typical Audi driving pleasure to the satisfaction of allowing yourself to be driven. Passengers who sit in the comfortable seats in the rear will enjoy a generous amount of space, which has again noticeably grown, even in comparison to its predecessor.

While the active chassis technology is offering an unrestrictedly comfortable and dynamic driving experience in every driving situation, the ambient lighting design, together with the innovative comfort and entertainment functions, will ensure a relaxed travel experience at the highest level.

Where air quality is noticeable.

The air quality package provides a subtle, pleasant fragrance at the push of a button throughout the vehicle’s interior. In total two different fragrances are available, which were specially composed for the vehicle. The fragrance intensity is adjustable in three stages. These are activated via the MMI touch response.

Simultaneously with propagation of the interior fragrance, the outside air is filtered and thereby effectively cleaned. Air quality is also noticeably improved via ionisation.

Efficiency as standard.

The Audi A8 L is a mild hybrid. This combination of an internal combustion engine, a 48-volt water-cooled belt starter generator, and a powerful lithium-ion battery will be available as standard for the first time. This new unit is the basis of a whole series of improvements, which are mainly characterised by greater efficiency and increased driving comfort.

The Belt Starter Generator (BSG) has a double role: It operates as an electric motor or as an alternator. In its first function, it provides a propulsion torque of a considerable 60 Newton metres. These are utilised in the Audi A8 L for a unique function: When you reach your target speed, the combustion is switched off for up to 40 seconds between 30 and 160 km/h – for comfortable, quiet, and emission-free sailing.


Feel the difference

The interior of the new Audi A8 L has a whole new operating concept. Touch displays with haptic feedback replace traditional operating switches and the less cluttered look gives a more elegant impression. Intuitive handling of the instrument ensures unique comfort, even in the back.

This is how the future feels.

More comprehensive than ever, the design of the Audi A8 L’s controls follows the concept of uniformity. This is made possible by consistent use of touch displays, which reduce a wealth of functionalities to a minimum of interface. Handling these surfaces is absolutely intuitive: by tapping and swiping you navigate to the desired content.

When you select a function, you also get haptic and acoustic feedback. Almost like a push-button – only just noticeably better. Many functions can also be operated entirely hands-free: for the first time, the language assistant enables operation via speech, which is not based on defined terms, but is oriented by natural dialogues.

Tried and tested is better.

The Audi MMI has revolutionised user guidance. It stands for intuitive clarity and exceptional sensory quality. The new generation is also committed to these values, consistently transmitting them to the digital cosmos and at the same time surprising you with even more accurate details. For example, the ever-dynamically updated map data allows you to navigate with topographical representation and advanced 3D city models, to bring you to your destination even more precisely.

Above all, and this is the next revolution, the MMI touch response can now adapt to your wishes and habits: you can personalise it according to your personal preferences, saving these settings – thus making your A8 L even more personal.

Fascinatingly intelligent.

The new A8 L innovative assistance systems take your driving experience to a whole new level both from the point of view of comfort and safety.

The up to 41 assistance systems recognise and evaluate the current environment during the journey, provide you with additional information as required, and take action in stages if it becomes critical. With this comprehensive equipment set, a decisive step on the way to autonomous driving has been a success.

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