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David O’Neill – Audi TT Review

I was offered the latest iteration of the Audi TT recently. Having read reports of earlier versions of this car (I hadn’t driven one), I was a bit ho hum…… At first glance it was clear the styling had changed …read more

David O’Neill – Ebbett Audi Drive Experience

I was recently invited by the local Audi dealer, Ebbett Prestige, to partake in a drive day with four of their Audis through 190kms of Waikato roads. The four cars were:- A6 Allroader bi-turbo A7 bi-turbo diesel S8 RS6 Speccy …read more
10 Fuel Saving Tips

10 Fuel Saving Tips

Coast where possible, such as down hills or towards a stop, as many modern engines cut off or reduce the fuel to the engine when coasting. Keep your tyre pressure within the suggested range. If it’s too low it increases …read more

10 Winter Driving Tips

Ensure your tyres are properly inflated as underinflated tyres increase stopping distances and the risk of skidding on wet or icy surfaces Check your tyre tread as 1.5mm is the legal minimum depth but in winter, depth below 3mm can …read more
Wash Your Car Like A Pro

10 Steps to wash your car like a pro

Step 1 Rinse down the entire car in the shade, start at the roof and work down. Step 2 After rinsing, clear out the windshield wiper bay, the hood, and trunk for accumulated leaves and dirt. Step 3 Clean the …read more