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Get 15% OFF your service in August

July 31, 2017
Is your vehicle due for a service? For the entire month of August receive 15% OFF when you service your car at Ebbett Audi. This offer is valid for bookings made up until August 31, 2017 so book in today …read more

David O’Neill – RS6 Performance Review

June 13, 2016
The car in question is the RS6 Performance. It is different from the RS6 because it has more power and is more expensive. It’s a bit like hotting up a hot rod. This baby has another 33kw (45hp) and …read more
Audi Q7 Hamilton

David O’Neill – Audi Q7 Review

November 3, 2015
I was offered the opportunity of taking the new Audi Q7 away for a weekend. Having been an owner of an Audi Q7 for a period of seven years, I felt that I was in a good position to compare …read more

David O’Neill – Audi Ice Experience

August 18, 2015
This is the ice experience I hinted at in the last column. I was lucky enough (after dropping a truck load of hints) to get a ticket to attend the Audi ice experience held on the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground …read more

David O’Neill – SQ5 Review

Think “SUV” – yawn! Think “Diesel SUV” – narcolepsy sets in! Well, think again! The Audi SQ5 has arrived!! Ebbett Prestige gave me an SQ5 to drive over the weekend. This included a trip to the beach and back so …read more