David O’Neill – RS6 Performance Review



The car in question is the RS6 Performance. It is different from the RS6 because it has more power and is more expensive. It’s a bit like hotting up a hot rod.

This baby has another 33kw (45hp) and similar torque , except when you smash the loud pedal to the floor, it develops another 50nm of torque – think instead of pulling the side off a house to pulling the whole house to bits,

The car is stunning in panther black. Actually I thought it’d be a great ride for Darth Vader.


Price                                       $225,000

Power output                                    445kw/605hp (that’s a helluva lot of power)

Acceleration – (get this)      0 – 100kmh – 3.7 seconds – (super car territory)!

Optional Extras

The option package is reasonably long and it tends to revolve around the looks more than anything else. I suppose you could go mad and spend a fortune if you wanted on things such as ceramic brakes ($23,500), carbon styling package ($10,000) and so on…….

This car also comes with HUD (heads up display), parallel parking assist and darkened glass all around and the list goes on……

Driving the Beast

Well, having told you all about what it looks like and how it goes on paper, the next thing to do is to tell you what it’s like to drive on a trip … through the hills …

So – do you want to:-

  • Take the garden rubbish to the dump?
  • Go and pick up granddad in his walker?
  • Go and get the groceries with the golf clubs in the car?
  • Go and blow a couple of Aston Martins and a Ferrari into the weeds? or –
  • All of the above?

If you have picked (e), this is the only car to drive.

The difference in price is $200,000 for the “ordinary” RS6 and (as driven) $225,000 for the RS6 performance.

As we left Hamilton I pulled out to pass a car and floored it. There was a startled yelp from everyone (including me), as we flew past the car in question and literally disappeared out of sight in a matter seconds (I won’t mention the speed!). This thing is really quick.


From an equipment point of view, there’s pretty much everything you want. The seats are very comfortable, heated rear and front, and move in about 100 different directions so you can virtually sort it for every body type.

When you poke it into a corner at speed it settled well and went round the corner without any fuss.

Obviously you wouldn’t want to do the wild thing with the family in the car as that may lead to unpleasant consequences, but it certainly has a ton of power to get you into trouble and out of trouble.

Petrol consumption is what you would expect for a car of this size. Being a 4 litre V8 twin-turbo engine doesn’t lead to Prius-type economy. However, on the trip to the beach and back it achieved 11.8 litres per 100km, which, given the hills in between, is pretty good.

This is pretty much a super car which looks average (in a super car sort of way). It’s sinister looking with big flared guards and the LED headlight surrounds, massive wheels and brakes and is very imposing. If you wanted to go one step further, you could put the driving mode into dynamic which made the car crackle and pop as you decelerated coming into a corner.

I said to Ebbett Audi when I returned the car –”I want one”. Unfortunately at $225,000 it is probably going to have to remain a dream. However you never know – Lotto may come through.

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